About Us

Sparkton Construction Supplies, Inc. is a company engaged in the field of Civil Construction, Instrumentation Technology, Marine Industry, Interior Design and Architecture. Initially focused in the distribution and manufacturing of high quality construction chemicals and supplies, the company have expanded its market horizon and now engaged in the distribution of synthetic and natural insulation products (acoustic, thermal and anti-vibration), top of the line valves for various industrial applications and installations as well as other general engineering services.
Equipped with decades of experience, Sparkton’s in depth knowledge of the industry helps address client’s specific problems and particularized requirements and by doing so, paved the way to the company’s early and continuing success. The company’s driving force, it’s employees, are ceaseless to be driven by passion and dedication as the company grows to be a multifaceted organization. It’s our company’s top management’s priority to equip our people with technical know-how, updated information and current market trends through regular product training and seminars.
Structure, strength and consistency – all these factors are vital in delivering high quality products; our diligent quality team meticulously inspects every batch to ensure that customers receive our products to their satisfaction. By concentrating and expanding our available resources, we have created a highly efficient center of competence and specialized knowledge covering the sectors of construction chemicals and supplies.
The company’s greatest competitive advantage is in the field of customer service, because we, at Sparkton Construction Supplies, Inc., strongly believes in absolute customer satisfaction and in the assurance of lasting relationship of mutual trust and commitment.
  • Performance focused; we only make recommendations that can show results.
  • Only top quality and original products; no cheap equivalents are tolerated.
  • We listen; provide tailored fit packages to meet client’s very specific needs.
  • Commitment; everything we promise, we deliver.
  • Dedicated technical assistance with a view of ensuring product quality and reliability.
In our never ending journey to provide the industry with top quality construction chemicals and supplies as well as unparalleled customer service, we listen to what our clients are saying even to the littlest details, knowing it might contain triggering information that could lead to better quality products and a more efficient after sales support which in return could improve the safety of the end user. Here at Sparkton, we don’t just market high quality construction related products, we provide solutions to the demanding needs of the construction industry.