Concrete Curing Compound

SPARKCURE WB (Wax Base Concrete Curing Compound)

White colored wax base, ready-to-use liquid curing compound of selected grade of parafin wax which when applied to surfaces of newly applied concrete, assists in the retention of water during hydration.
SPARKCURE WB is advised to be used on concrete surfaces where topping or additional finishing are not required.
Conforms to ASTM C-309 and AASHTO M-148 Type II
Areas of Applications : Roads, gutter, runways, pavements, dams, culverts, bridgeworks, motorways and the likes.


SPARKCURE RB (Resin Base Concrete Curing Compound)

A modified acrylic resin emulsion base formulated to act as an efficient curing on newly placed concrete to prevent moisture loss by evaporation.
Concrete surfaces applied with this product may be topped and rendered or have other treatments as the material will no way affect adhesion.
Conforms to ASTM C-309 Type I and AASHTO M-148 Type II
Areas of Applications : Walls, columns, dams, motorways, concrete floors and etc.


Benefits of using Concrete Curing Compound :

Reduces surface shrinkage in concrete
Retains moisture in fresh concrete
Cost effective with excellent curing efficiency
Contains non-hazardous materials
Eliminates the need for messy damp hessian or polyethylene sheet
Prevents rapid evaporation of water
Single coat application
Easy to apply, thus, reduce labor cost
Assist in the development of strength and durability of concrete and reduces the likelihood of cracking and dusting of concrete surfaces