Waterproofing Products

SPARK WATERSEAL – LIQUID (Integral Waterproofing)

A uniform solution of lignin water reducer and fluidifying dispersing agents. SPARK WATERSEAL LIQUID forms a water repellent barrier on pores of concrete preventing water to be absorbed by the structure. The stearin compound acts as a non-wettable lining on voids and pores, thus, making it water repellent.
SPARK WATERSEAL LIQUID has no deleterious effect on the setting and compressive strength of the concrete.


SPARK WATERSEAL – POWDER (Integral Waterproofing)

Mixture of stearate base waterproofing, lignin base water reducer and cement base dispersing agents. SPARK WATERSEAL POWDER forms a water repellent barrier on pores of concrete preventing water to be absorbed by the concrete. the product has no effect on the setting and compressive strength of concrete.
Reduces water – cement ratio
Improves workability
Increase flexural, tensile and compressive strength
Reduces bleeding
Increases durability
Increases surface hardness
Reduces plastic shrinkage
Protect against water penetration


SPARKPROOF FCW (Elastomeric Cementitious Waterproofing)

A two component, flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane which consists of selected cement blend with well graded fillers and synthetic resin. it could be applied to damp substrates by brush, roller or spray and is capable of bridging hairline cracks.
The product conforms to ASTM C-1305 (Test Method for Crack Bridging Ability)
Benefits of using SPARKPROOF FCW :
Bridge hairline cracks
Breathable membrane – permeable to water vapour and yet impermeable to water
Excellent adhesion to most substrate
Can be applied onto damp surface
Flexible, durable and weather resistant / algae and fungus resistant
Excellent waterproofing qualities – able to withstand high hydrostatic pressure and light foot traffic
Non-Toxic – suitable for use in waterproofing of potable water tanks
Areas of application :
Bridges and highways
Roof terraces, car decks, balconies, reservoirs, sumps, planter boxes
Foundations, tunnels, basements
Kitchen and toilets
Ground slabs prior to laying terrazo, culverts, canal, marble or floor tiles
Water retaining structures, sewage works and etc.



A three-coats epoxy waterproofing system that is brushable and sprayable consistency for coating, sealing and protecting structure made of concrete or steel. it is water impermeable and has an excellent resistance to oil, solvent, alkalis and most dilute acids.
SPARK TANKLINING EPOXY is specifically formulated food grade epoxy for use in tanklining applications, including the lining of tanks made of concrete or metal that will be used to contain potable water, wines, beer, vinegar and vegetable oils.
Benefits of using SPARK TANKLINING EPOXY :
Excellent durability
Can be applied to vertical and horizontal substrate
Smooth, glossy and easy-to-clean surface
Can be applied directly to steel and concrete
High resistance to chemical attack
Excellent adhesion


SPARK WATERPROOF CW (Capillary / Crystalline Waterproofing)

Made from selected blends of cement, fine quartz sand and various proprietary active ingredients providing a lasting imperviousness to water. in the presence of moisture, the active ingredients in the SPARK WATERPROOF CW penetrate the concrete and reacts chemically with free lime to produce insoluble crystals.
The crystalline growth reduces porosity by blocking capillaries and filling hairline, non-structural cracks caused by concrete shrinkage and expansion. This product feature is permanently active.
Benefits of using SPARK WATERPROOF CW :
Ready to use and easy to apply
Can be used in contact with potable water
For internal and external use
Effective treatment for hydrostatic conditions
Excellent adhesion to all cement based substrates
Areas of application : SPARK WATERPROOF CW can be applied on both and new and old structures, either on the water retaining side or on the negative side.
Water treatment and sewage structures
Basement walls and underground parking lots
Irrigation tunnels
Supporting walls and columns
Tunnels, manholes and silos
Foundation slabs
Elevator and escalator pits


SPARK ELASTO-PROOF (Polychloroprene Rubber Base Elastomeric Waterproofing)

A high performance, single component waterproofing system and cures by reaction with air to form a tough, flexible waterproofing with high elongation and recovery. This product conforms to ASTM C-1305 (Test Method for Crack Bridging Ability).
Benefits of using SPARK ELASTO-PROOF :
Excellent adhesion
Capable of bridging cracks by 2 mm. width
Can easily be repaired (by spot application)
Ready to apply from the can
Easy-to-apply by brush or roller
Able to withstand high hydrostatic pressure
Areas of application :
Bridges and highways
Roof terraces, car decks, balconies
Foundations, tunnels, basements
Ground slabs prior to laying terrazo, marble or floor tiles
Water retaining structures, planters, sewage works and etc.


SPARK QUICKPLUG (Quick Setting Cement)

A non-shrinking, ready-to-use hydraulic cement. it is designed to seal leaks in running water where conventional waterproofing material would be washed away. Upon setting, the product develops excellent structural strength and water tightness.


SPARK WATERCHECK (Water Base Silicon Water Repellant)

A highly polymerized silicon resins and potable water. It repels water by penetrating the masonry and lining pores, fissures and cracks with water repellent coating. This product conforms to ASTM D3273 (Standard Test Method for resistance to growth of mold on the surface).
Areas of application : Exterior masonry above grade – concrete, bricks, stucco, concrete blocks, cast stone, artificial stone, sandstones, adobe and etc.


SPARK WATERCHECK NON-SILICON (Resin Base, Solvent Type, Non-Silicon Waterproofing)

An acrylic resin mixture of aromatic solvents. When applied, solvent evaporates leaving a thin clear film of acrylic resin absorbed by the concrete. Thus, this film forms a moisture barrier and allows the concrete to breath.
This product conforms to ASTM D3274 (Standard Method for Evaluating Degree of Surface Disfigurement of Paint Films by Microbial (Fungal and Algal) Growth.
Areas of application : Waterproofs concrete blocks, bricks and stones. Reduces cracking and efflorescence on concrete. Ideal for protecting all kinds of wood. Controls moisture when used as under seal for good quality oil based paints.